“So I’ve heard” is a blog is written by Jon Cousins – a community organiser, enabler, development worker, and activist exploring the potential of Glastonbury’s community to utilise the Community Rights and Neighbourhood Planning powers introduced in the Localism Act 2011:

  • The Community Right to Bid;
  • The Community Right to Challenge;
  • The Community Right to Build;
  • Community Shares; and
  • Neighbourhood Planning.

Doc Banksy

If you’d like to find out more, or get involved – please leave a reply/comment below, or drop a line to jonfcousins@hotmail.com

In addition to being a Community Organiser, Jon Cousins is an author, lecturer, columnist, songwriter, musician, and film-maker.  He is a specialist in complementary currencies and ‘co-production’ – working with Time Bank pioneers Martin Simon and Edgar Cahn in the early 2000s.  He lives in Glastonbury and has been an elected Glastonbury Town Councillor since 2011, and Mayor of Glastonbury 2016-2017.

“So I’ve heard” was initially supported by the Community Organisers Mobilisation Fund (COMFund) as part of Somerset Co-operative Services’ Community Organising project (SCS CO).

Glastonbury’s COMFund project was founded through the support of
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